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chanel precision vip gift bag

Chanel . At the time, I didn’t think to ask them. … And this instagram account is most likely a mirror account (the seller’s “Plan B”) to the original one which was already presumably shut down by Chanel. These are not sold in Chanel stores but are only available to VIP members. And while the practice of subcontracting production overseas reduces the company’s own costs and allow for better profit margins, it also creates a big risk that the OEMs will take their intellectual property and use it to manufacture additional and unauthorized products on top of their agreed- upon volume. Many of these online resellers and distributors who claim knowledge on these GWP bags as “authentic” Chanel, are procuring them in large quantities (wholesale), and are selling them with the absence of any Chanel beauty products and samples (which, if these GWP were legitimately procured, would’ve come with them). size: (L)28 x (W)18 x 4 cm. I only bought the products  because I was going on a trip to Carmel (and my friends and I were going to the beach). Description:Chanel white acrylic makeup organiser tray deep VIP GIFT+branded box Please carefully check the dimensions!Dimensions : 32cm x 24cm x 5cm Delivered with white/black branded box All … The quality of the photo was made grainy to escape scrutiny. Incidentally, this same plush bag is being peddled for anywhere between PhP 1,500 to PhP 6,000 on local marketplace platforms and on Instagram reseller accounts. Another thorough search on one of the Chinese marketplace platforms has yielded this result. To reproduce them separate from the contract and resell them would be a breach of  a legally- binding contract, and is unauthorized and strictly prohibited. At wholesale price, the duffle costs about PhP 1,207 (approx. Precision Chanel White Makeup Bag C $39.64 CHANEL COSMETIC/MAKEUP BAG POUCH CLUTCH velvet red makeup le 2019 VIP GIFT C $66.06 Free shipping 17 sold CHANEL COSMETIC/MAKEUP BAG … If you are interested in the exact details of this case, you can search for the docket number indicated below in the U.S. District Court in Florida because this is public record, and this is also an ongoing case. (Chanel Duffel Travel Gym Shoulder VIp Gift Bag. Contractors like Ranchel are what you call “OEMs” or Original Equipment Manufacturers. It needs to be said that there is a clear distinction between a VIP client of Chanel fashion and a Chanel beauty client who makes a purchase of over US $200 to score a gift item. Incidentally, this manufacturer had taken many steps to ensure their listing does not get detected or flagged down by the platform’s intellectual property compliance team . “The glass case would have originally contained makeup brushes and perhaps another beauty product. And unscrupulous resellers (as well as resellers who really don’t know better) are quick to cash in on these buyers. 楽天市場:ブランドジャックリスト湘南のシャネル > ノベルティ一覧。楽天市場は、セール商品や送料無料商品など取扱商品数が日本最大級のインターネット通販サイト Whatever you're shopping for, we've got it. resellers can show you receipts these days, but even fake receipts can be easily fabricated), where are the Chanel beauty products that should have been included in these bags? After brightening the photo, he was immediately able to discern that the bag was a later addition to the original photo. These may be flowers or cakes or not-for-sale fashion items, but such gifts are never repetitive.”  Chanel had also made special arrangements for a handful of their VIP clients to take a special tour of the Palace of Versailles in France, complete with a private guide, special access to certain rooms not usually accessible to the visiting public, and a visit away from the maddening tourist crowds. 18-63046-CIV-SCOLA, against 94 online entities last December 2018. Here are more examples of online resellers/ distributors on Instagram who have labelled these fake Chanel bags as “Chanel VIP gifts.”, Photo #1: “Chanel” black fabric tote with chain straps, Photo #2: “Chanel” black fabric tote with chain straps. Please check pictures … They are lured in by sweet “marketing” deals that are too good to be true. Material : ผ าขนน ม รอบน ม มาไม … And this “Chanel VIP Gift Bag” issue is just that: it is indeed a deal that’s too good to be true. Which is what this photo shows. When their accounts get shut down, they simply open new accounts under different names to continue the business. That’s indeed a very profitable sale for a COUNTERFEIT/ FAKE “Chanel VIP” bag. Another story which came out in the BBC about designer bag manufacturers two years ago quoted Juan Antonio Sanchez, manager for Ranchel (a leather goods manufacturer) on the very stringent demands of big designer brands that subcontract them for manufacturing work. Chanel VIP Sling Bag in Permatang Pauh,Malaysia. For instance, the way to search for a Chanel product would be to mention the letter C and another Chinese character (C Jia), or to alter the spelling of the brand. Case in point: a report published in the BBC last July 2018 detailed how premium British fashion label Burberry admitted to destroying £28.6M (yes, over twenty million pounds) worth of merchandise the year before, in a bid to protect its brand. When approached by Caixin, merchants selling ‘Hermes’ scarves for 250 yuan apiece suggested moving the discussion to WeChat, a messaging app, where they felt they could freely chat about the craftsmanship of their high- grade copies.”  I can corroborate this claim because the manufacturer of the bucket bag above had cautiously asked me if we can take our conversation to WeChat. The questionable “Chanel VIP” bag above shares the exact same bag style and make as this bag below, offered by an IG seller named XiaoFangMei. Send us a message, and we will … COUNTERFEIT MANUFACTURERS in MARKETPLACES. A recent feature in Asia Tatler  noted that Chanel VIP clients like Lianne Lam from Hong Kong, get spoiled by the French fashion house on her birthday. And some of them leave that disclaimer that the items are not comparable to the ones bought in actual Chanel boutiques. And is being peddled for PhP 6,000– a markup of almost 400%. VIP Precision Beaute gift bag. In fact, I can attest to this. The visual merchandising was really taken to the next level, and everyone was tempted to take home something from the shelves– believe me, even the high profile editors were seen trying to take home something (haha I saw someone  trying to leave with a large Chanel logo doormat, only to be stopped lol). Once they’ve created their counterfeit bags, they use marketplace platforms to advertise their products and supply capacity. For more information please visit our returns page, DELIVERING HARD TO FIND VINTAGE | WORLDWIDE TRACKED SHIPPING, Four Facts to Change your Clothing Habits, The Most Fire Vintage Outfits Worn by Rappers, A Timeline of Britain's Notorious Nightlife and Subcultures. A Daxue Consulting report also mentioned that some sellers label merchandise as “haute couture.” which would imply “high quality copy.”. Here’s another bag photo “on the Chanel counter” which resellers claimed is proof that leather bags like this are given away as GWP. One of his best shows in terms of visual engagement (in my opinion), is the Chanel supermarket. GORGEOUS CHANEL VERIFIED VIP GIFT. Buy and sell authentic Chanel vip gift on jolicloset.com and save up to 70%. These resellers are not authorized by Chanel to engage in the bulk resale or distribution of merchandise bearing their logo. In regards to the same bag being sold by Instagram reseller Xiaofangmei and being sold as well by Philippine- based IG resellers, this is what I found: The bag is being sold for a wholesale price of 149 Yuan, equivalent to PhP 1,081 (approx US$ 21) each. Oftentimes, you can receive a free “gift” if you exceed $150 in purchase of certain designer beauty products (from the likes of Dior, Estee Lauder etc) in authorized beauty counters. A medium.com report called this “Ghost Shift or Midnight Shift manufacturing”– because the factory remains open throughout the night to produce units beyond the authorized volume. According to the feature, Chanel “also sends personalized gifts for other occasions throughout the year, like Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Year. The succeeding shows also saw the brand give out Chanel nail polish in the season’s newest colors. A report conducted by April Ma of Caixin Global declared that “shop owners are wary about how they discuss imitation goods issues with potential customers. The larger the quantity of your order, the lower your cost. While many were stopped from taking them home, some managed to slip through security with those Chanel water bottles (but I have to date, never seen them resold in any marketplace platform haha)! Chanel VIP gift black fabric/nylon drawstring bag S$299 Rare Chanel VIP gift drawstring bag. Instagram: @thebaghag// @shopthebaghag // @thebaghagtravels, Copyright © 2016 The bag hag diaries. Richard Collasse, the new head of travel retail for Chanel and former president of Chanel’s subsidiary in Japan for over 30 years, summed up Chanel’s corporate philosophy: “Chanel has 3 business areas: fashion, fragrance and beauty products, watches and jewellery under the single brand name. I decided to conduct further research and ended up doing a thorough marketplace nosedive ( all the major marketplaces based in China– Alibaba, Taobao, Pinduoduo, DH Gate… name the platforms, and I’ve probably gone on there to conduct searches using Chinese characters) to track down the source/s of these “VIP gift bags.”. Chanel Precision VIP Gift faux fur Crossbody shoulder bag Condition : New Size(approx) : 32CM X 19CM X 7CM.. $49.00 You are in high likelihood, being sold a counterfeit product. White CC Logo. Discover the latest collection of CHANEL Handbags. Check out our chanel vip bag selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shoulder bags shops. Upon close inspection of all those special gifts that I have received from these premium luxury brands, one thing I can say with absolute certainty is this– each item’s quality is 100% reflective of the brand’s reputation for excellent quality. If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you can return it to us within 14 days for an exchange or refund. European & Rest of the world parcels are also sent Royal Mail tracked service. Buy [Steal!!] Funny, because some bags end up with logos looking like a cross- breed between Chanel’s double C and Gucci’s double G. Many also photoshop their pictures by erasing or manipulating the logos to showcase their product in a more”legitimate” manner that adheres to the marketplace platform’s rules. If this were a Chanel beauty GWP, it would not have been placed in a rather awkward position, covering the other products. CHANEL PRECISION “VIP GIFT” MAKE UP BAG (NIB) $68.00 $5.00 shipping CHANEL BEAUTE “VIP GIFT” MAKE UP BAG (NIB) $68.00 $5.00 shipping Chanel 2020 Red Holiday Cosmetic Pouch - New $91.00 … Of the latter, Chanel has this official statement: The choice is really entirely up to you. The amount varies and is subjective to each brand and boutique, but they all do have their VIP clients, and these clients are usually invited to very special events (not just to product launches or special sales), and sometimes they are also flown to different countries to attend brand launches/ shows. If the information above is still not enough to convince you that these are not authentic Chanel “VIP Gift Bags,” nor are they authentic Chanel GWP merchandise that came directly from authorized Chanel beauty counters, it should at least already convince you that the products being hawked as such have questionable authenticity. The study served to confirm one thing– everything that bears the brand and logo of Chanel, goes through the most stringent tests. And though the work done to eradicate counterfeiting isn’t fast enough, these marketplace platforms do have governance teams that remove thousands of product listings and photos daily, from manufacturers and sellers who sell products which bear the unauthorized designer logos like Chanel’s. But to label these gifts with purchase as “VIP gifts” is misleading. In fact, there are no Chanel caption references on Xiaofangmei’s post and there is only a Whatsapp number to contact the seller. Chanel vip gift, second hand online store. The same way I interpreted the photo that preceded this one. How do I interpret this photo? I would like to note that Xiaofangmei’s account has actually been legally named by CHANEL, INC.  in a recent lawsuit filed in the District of Florida., with Case no. Chanel GWP that are being resold (without the beauty products and beauty samples) but look the same as the ones that authorized Chanel Beauty outlets (department store counters accredited to sell Chanel beauty products and Chanel.com)  give as GWP, could have been copies made by factories based on procured samples from Chanel beauty counters, or even by their own previously contracted OEMs. There was a limit of one GWP per customer– whether this was a policy of Chanel beauty or a policy of Nordstrom at that time, I cannot answer. Get the best deals on chanel gift bag and save up to 70% off at Poshmark now! Manufacturers rely on buyers who get easily duped– they are the reason why manufacturers’ businesses are flourishing. Again, the same exact item is on one of the Chinese marketplace platforms. Anyone who walks into an authorized Chanel beauty counter can avail of a free gift if s/he exceeds a certain amount of product purchase. I have also asked fashion friends and industry colleagues from Thailand, Germany, Singapore, France, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, UAE, and China, and they have also never seen these GWP Chanel leather bags in question (I showed them the leather bags that are being sold by IG resellers as “Chanel VIP gift bags”), TRADEMARK LAWSUIT of CHANEL vs. 94 ONLINE SELLERS. A black fabric duffle bag is being sold on another Instagram reseller’s page for PhP 6,000. And yes, they admitted to manufacturing this bucket bag with the double C logo (for resale and redistribution). I was also not entitled to more than one GWP at that time. I’ve also been given snow globes and miniature versions of a certain brand’s signature trunk during Christmas. I also received samples along with that GWP. Shoulder strap drop, approx :19cm ( 7.48” ). If you cannot even bring a “Chanel” leather GWP bag (especially if there is even such a thing, because as I mentioned above, there is none)  back to the Chanel boutique for repairs or refurbishing at some point (because these resellers tell you that they’re “not really” Chanel boutique items but were “gift” items), why even bother buying that “Chanel” labelled item, even if it’s a fraction of the cost? ขายกันเพียบ มาจากไหน แท้หรือไม่ ยังไงกันแน่ . So anyone can literally walk up to a Chanel counter with a fake Chanel bag, let the bag sit on the counter, and take a photo of their fake bag. Anna Magkawas - Bag Talks by Anna 23,731 views 12:54 Language: English Location: United States … They do not hesitate to spend millions of dollars each year to ensure proper control and distribution of their products. “We have to sign a contract of confidentiality, then the factory, the manager, and every worker has to sign it.” In each individual contract are very detailed clauses which state that no one can take photos, they cannot take the designs or anything to do with the products. We need to be more protective than ever because it’s about the respect for our customers and at the end of the day, of the brand for sure.”. Bag Lover. These are usually company- branded products that are given away as a form of advertisement. Making such an argument into their statement of fact (in a bid to assure their own buyers who had already spent thousands of pesos *hundreds of dollars* on those questionable merchandise which bore the unauthorized Chanel logo)  would be completely ignorant and irresponsible. Color : Bag body: (Brown color) / LOGO: white. Chanel Precision Velour Makeup Crossbody shoulder Bag Vip Gift. In other words, the photo was manipulated to include a bag. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, … The bag was definitely photoshopped into that case.”, Commercial photographer and cinematographer Wesley Villarica who has shot celebrities and celeb- athletes like boxer Floyd Mayweather for Frontrow ads, and has also shot the latest Gatorade campaigns, had this to say about the photo: “Yes, the bag was photoshopped in. She was sent a pair of sofa cushions along with chocolates and flowers on her recent natal day, and if she stops by the Chanel boutique at the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel, staff will bring out a cake, sing to her, and serve tea. It is basic economics– it is about the law of supply and demand. BLACK WITH WHITE CHANEL LOGO. I’d also like to address the fact that the supposed “VIP gift” trolley shown in that photo looks remarkably like the one from Chanel during the FW2014- 2015 show which I had attended in Paris– the same exact piece I saw with my own eyes, and subsequently photographed. Decoding the Chanel “VIP Gift” Bag Issue, Caught Red- Handed? Chanel vip gift, second hand online store. Chanel Beauty would NEVER give away a trolley like the one from their main Chanel FW 2014- 2015 leather goods collection. FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING Orders Over £150. Let’s be honest, anyone who has a fake Chanel bag can walk up to an authorized Chanel beauty counter inside a department store to buy cosmetics. This would not have been seen if I did not lighten the photo. TV Presenter and Producer. Some manufacturers though, simply rely on photos to produce these counterfeit bags. Let me now share photos of one style of the leather bags being peddled as “Authentic Chanel VIP Gift Bags” on both Facebook and Instagram by resellers. As for the resellers who continue to peddle these fakes- as- real Chanel “VIP Gift Bags,” it may be helpful for you to check out some of the examples of judgements against the counterfeiters to give you an idea of the penalties and fines that you might have to settle should you be slapped with a lawsuit by Chanel : Chanel ruling 1, Chanel ruling 2, Chanel ruling 3, The Bag Hag. The bag I received as a GWP was actually very well made, and was made of canvas on its exterior and of white, waterproof (like that of a raincoat) fabric on the inside. They avoid using the designer names on the listing, and instead use key words. A Chanel bag purchased directly from the French fashion house can cost in the upward amount of PhP 100,000 (approx US$ 2,000). We will ALWAYS BE HERE TO HELP :). And or at times, Chanel packages products from some of their lines, and includes the beauty pouch as a promotion for all their purchasing clients. US$ 24). These bags are being hawked by resellers as “authentic Chanel” and are priced anywhere between PhP 4,500 to PhP 23,000 (approx.

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